About Me

The artist and her cat
Bartha the Kok

Following my Graduation at the art academy of Rotterdam “Willem de Kooning” I starred as freelance illustrator in the fashion industry.
Simultaneously I did a parttime teaching job at a grammar school.
In 1985 I moved to Belgium, where I set up an art rental company:”Brussels Art
Connection” (1987-2006).
From 2006 till 2010 I lived in Portugal and got inspiredly the exiting landscapes and colorful flowers, which have influenced my paintings.
During the years I had solo expositions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal and
participated in various group expositions in those countries.
My paintings have been purchased by collectors in various countries.

A random selection from my paintings


SYNTRA Academy,Belgium   
Professional qualification marble/wood decoration techniques

ROC Academy, Belgium

BKO Art Academy, Belgium
Fine art

Willem de Kooning Academy, the Netherlands
Fine art/fashion

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